Welcome to the Knowledge Bar

We know that running an agency these days can be enough to turn you to drink. If it's not clients demanding ever more for less, it's the young upstarts with their fancy "social media webspaces".

Let us pour you a small glass of digital refreshment and ease your worried mind.

We're here to offer bespoke courses for your business from as little as £150 per person.

  • Building clever and beautiful wordpress sites.
  • Building brilliant Facebook pages.
  • Understanding what's next in the world of "Digital".
  • How you can build a digital business without being a coder.
  • How to better understand and manage the digital components of your projects.
  • Why knowing how coders works will be core to your business.
  • Simple code tricks to save you time.

Sounds good, huh? We know you need it, we, your digital bartenders, are ready to serve you.

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